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Fruccola menu

Monday menu!

Fruccola Arany János

Rozmaringos lencseleves/ Lentil soup with rosemary
Tejszínes zöldséges lasagne/ Creamy vegetable lasagne

Fruccola Kristof tér

Amerikai burgonyakrémleves/ American potato cream soup
Mentás zöldborsós rizottó sült kecskesajttal/ Mint and green pea risotto with grilled goat cheese

Central Bistro & Bar, 1051 Bp., Nador utca 9, MB Top10, September 5 - September 9 between 11:30 and 16:00

Dear CEU Community,
We are happy to inform you that together with CEU the bistro is about to test a new catering service on Campus. From the 2nd of March Central Bistro will deliver lunch to your offices.

The office delivery service’s conditions are as follows:
• delivery to the following buildings: N9-MB, N9-FT, N11, Z14, O6/7, O6/12, O6/14, V2, JA24, AJ32
• interface for issuing an order: by sending the order to officelunch@ceu.edu email address + on the Central Bistro & Bar’s Facebook page
• deadline for issuing an order: 9am on the day of order

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